Our greatest potential for impact lies not just in a vision to believe in, but by offering people a place to belong, a space of safety and trust, where they can connect with and guide each other in the quest of building a movement that leads to profound transformation and action. 

I assist leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries turning their business into a consumer-based movement. The key to building a movement is to turn human transformation into your highest priority. What difference do you wish to make for yourself and others? It starts with you.

Your deepest calling is to transform. Your own personal transformation precedes that of the people around you. You are willing to do the inner work required to find your deepest calling. The depth of your personal experience is a gateway to strength, resources and potential the outer world simply cannot provide. It’s about discovering who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.

If you understand what it takes to transform, then you can be the leader your crowd is waiting for. Through your intuitive sense of people, your own coaching abilities, you naturally draw people into your movement. You understand the power of intimacy and connection, and how it fosters successful communication and collaboration. Your presence energises and inspires others.

You help people find their own place and purpose within the movement. You distribute your vision not just through words, but by spreading the DNA of your movement. Your ongoing personal transformation is the ‘big how’. It's all about resonance.

As a coach, teacher and facilitator I help impact-driven professionals turn their businesses into small or large scale revolutions that serve the greater good. I specialise in aligning people, purpose and place so that your movement can be born. Your fulfilment as a game-changer sits at core of your succes and impact in the world.

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My Premium Coaching Services

  • Premium Packages

    My coaching services are offered in (monthly) subscriptions and project packages. These packages consist of various elements that help you get the results that you are after. Before we begin our work together we move through an enrolment process to see if we are a match. Based on our mutual ‘yes’ I craft a package that meet your needs. I welcome impact-driven and high-performing people from all walks of life into my movement. Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, artist, visionary, or a professional coach, I am happy to set up a no- obligation discovery call with you. Just contact me for an appointment.

    Depending on your package I basically offer a combination of the following (live or virtual) services:
    – 1 on 1 coaching course
    – group coaching & facilitation sessions
    – public speaking & teaching
    – consultancy

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