It's my purpose to help others realise theirs.

My most important roles are those of coach, guide, and teacher. That’s no coincidence; I’ve always felt drawn to guiding and inspiring others on their path. My purpose became clear to me at a very young age. Over twenty years ago, I discovered my intuitive abilities. What followed was a journey of self-exploration and self-manifestation. I developed a great interest in human nature, and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to continue on the path that I’d chosen (or that had chosen me): this was my profession.

In the years that followed, I earned three academic degrees; I am a Polytechnician Engineer and have a Master of Arts in Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Holistic Science. One of my theses centered around the relationship between organisational development and system sciences. It laid a solid foundation for the further course of my professional life – that was only about to begin.

I’ve always known that I should focus on leaders. Why? Because I understand their role. I have a firm grasp on the specifics of governance, power structures and dynamics as well as conflict. I know what it truly means to be a leader and what it takes to work with the shadow side of leadership in a transformative way. Not only based on my education, but also on my personality. The answers lie in my own being, and I’ve been breathing them for years. As a result, I am able to align leaders at an individual and collective level. I combine these two aspects in my approach; that’s my strength and expertise.

I realize that leadership ultimately revolves around results. Needless to say that results are my primary interest. As a coach, I always start with the end in mind. But here’s the catch: you can only get results by going on a journey. Sure, it’s an undertaking that requires effort and guidance. But if you focus on results from the very beginning, you can create the momentum towards attaining those results. It’s all about having an intention that helps you focus from the start.

The central question and common thread in my work is: how can human beings shine like the sun? Leaders who achieve this and radiate their truth – in other words: who they are and why they’re here – have a contagious impact. True power of leadership happens at this level. And that’s the core premise of what I offer.

Can I work with you? That depends on a number of aspects. Are you a high achiever and/or a high performer? And are you willing to invest deeply in yourself and the results that you wish to create? Then let’s enter into a conversation, assess your potential, and see if we match. To me, it’s important that there’s a mutual recognition of who we are. If we embark on a journey together, we should have a common purpose. My intention is to deliver a big impact. To build it and make it lasting. To embody your potential and make you and your world shine.

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