"The best teachers are the ones who see your potential even when you don’t. Everyone deserves someone like Ralph in his life."

Dominique Haijtema
Dominique Haijtema Journalist

This world needs inclusive leaders. Ralph's assists you become one. He helped me get grounded. Every day I use his techniques to become a more inclusive person with the right balance between activity and inactivity, masculine and feminine. 

Melissa Marijnen
Melissa Marijnen Professional Rebel

I don't know how Ralph does it, but he makes it happen. As a coach he helps me identify my old (and broken) patterns, so I can make room for my full potential. I highly recommend him for anyone who wishes to level-up his life and business.

Djoea van Zanten
Djoea van Zanten Make Marketing Magic

Ralph helped me make the right decisions during a very difficult period in my life. With his guidance I was able to release the past, find the strength to be myself and live more fully in the present moment. With each step things fell into place. I am deeply grateful for his very effective and thorough approach. I am truly a different person now.

Max Vermeer
Max Vermeer The Great Game of Business

Ralph is in his work an exceptional authority. He has a keen sense of people and offers ease and safety. In a short period of time he can transform a group of strangers into a healthy functioning team that breathes openness.

Linda Osnabrug
Linda Osnabrug Linda Osnabrug

Ralph is a warm, skilled, wise and grounded human being. The coaching program was a deep process of transformation that has renewed my sense of the future. I now apply what I have learned both personally and professionally.

Ivete Brito Silva
Ivete Brito Silva City of Amsterdam

Ralph connects to people in a special way. He supports others on their path in a powerful and loving manner. It feels good to know him.

Alexander van Velzen
Alexander van Velzen Dekker & Van Velzen

Ralph’s presence is like a mirror in which we can perceive ourselves. He creates a safe and sacred space in which I like to take place.

Kristja van der Holst
Kristja van der Holst Teacher, Writer and Singer

The inner work I have done with Ralph will serve me for life! His coaching sessions have long-term impact and are truly beneficial for self-realisation within the larger context of your life’s purpose. I know Ralph as an open, pure and friendly person who creates and accommodates a safe space that helps you cut your diamand and empowers you to live and experience life fully. He guides you to your own authentic truth from a place of love. The sessions bring me more and more to a place of peace and contentment. I see the world with new eyes. Embracing both the shadow and light side within me, accepting what is. He invites and challenges you to go within and go beyond, always honouring your needs, wishes and boundaries.

Sophie Brokmann
Sophie Brokmann Delight Yoga

Ralph is a very effective coach with a down-to-earth approach to transformation. He showed me my path to success.

Harold Klaassen
Harold Klaassen SHAKERS

Ralph is a very intense and sensitive coach for whom you cannot hide your feelings behind ratio and words. He helped me feel what I really want and what makes me happy, and to integrate this into my daily private and professional life. Since our coaching sessions I can easier take time outs, make decisions based on my intuition and trust that situations will be fine and not necessarily need immediate action. I look back on our sessions with sincere gratitude.

Femke Markus
Femke Markus Spring Associates

After working with Ralph I was better able to focus on my key strengths and recognise my mission in life. The result being more effective, powerful and happy. 

Michiel Vos
Michiel Vos CocoPallet

Ralph's engagement and expertise has brought our team together. The right people are in the right place, the bond between the team members is stronger and the atmosphere is more personal and professional at the same time. Thanks to Ralph our team is ready for expansion.

Michael Bouwens
Michael Bouwens Bouwens&

Ralph is an extraordinary coach. He helped me reach an integrated lifestyle where personal feelings and experiences are complementary to my professional goals and ambitions. As a company we continue to achieve our mutual goals.

Jos Maassen
Jos Maassen Buro88

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