Warrior of Light

Something has been missing. Until recently. The extravert, the outgoing type, the sociable and unreserved person, or the warrior if you like. He has been on a long journey. I have been running my business as if it was a monastery. I paid great attention to detail. I made sure everything was done and everyone…

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The Homeless Man

I was walking back from a swim at Venice Beach (LA) to my hotel as I came across a homeless man sitting by the side of the road. I intuitively put myself in his shoes, while looking at his naked, wounded feet. I blended with him in silence. A few breaths later the traffic stopped.…

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Refusal of the Return

Our soul’s journey sooner or later calls us to return to the world and share our ‘boon’ with the world. The boon is the blessing or gift that we may wish to bestow upon others, after finding bliss and peace in the other world. Often we do not want to return to the hustle and…

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Mijn belangrijkste zakelijke strategie als coach is die van herkenning. Het is mijn basis voor succesvol ondernemen. Ik kan mij volop bezighouden met marketing en sales, maar zonder herkenning zijn deze aspecten van mijn bedrijf vruchteloos. Hoe herken je herkenning? En wat levert het op? Het begin van mijn ondernemerschap werd gekenmerkt door een zoektocht…

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The Fear of Being Known

At the beginning of this year I convened a circle of loyal friends and clients. I shared with them my dream to start a consumer-based movement for entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference with their products and services. The days after this meeting a fear began to surface: that of being known. As the…

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A Box of Tissues: For Kings and Queens


A box of tissues rests besides the throne as an invitation to shed a tear. In a position defined by its demand for strength and direction, crying is not an act we normally associate with leadership. Tears are often perceived as a sign of weakness. A belief that keeps many leaders from discovering how vulnerability…

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The Gift of Loneliness: Part 3


There’s a famous American photograph of the recently inaugurated President John F. Kennedy. He is stood—leaning—with his palms placed on a desk in the Oval Office. We see him from behind, against the light from the windows like a silhouette. The New York Times later published the image alongside the caption: “The loneliest job in…

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The True Manifestation of Myself

The call for a new office How do you know when it’s time to take the next step? More importantly, how do you know when you’re ready? For a while, it had been my intent to find a new space. I had developed personally and professionally, and was keen to attract a place to represent…

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Freedom Is… Three people on one scooter. How intrinsic safety enables freedom


Last summer, a long-cherished dream became a reality: spending more than five weeks in Thailand with my wife Hermelijn and our daughter Yasmine. Hermelijn and I asked ourselves the question: ‘Is it safe to go off the Thai beaten path with our four-year-old daughter?’ Our experience: safety comes from inside yourself. When safety is intrinsic,…

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The Cage of Fear: Part 2


In Part 1 of this blog series, The Cage of Anger, we learned how pivotal it is for leaders to explore and own their anger. The same goes for fear. In terms of leadership, ’loss of power’ is the most prevalent fear. However, most leaders try to solve this issue by holding on to power,…

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