The Cage of Anger: Part 1


In my last blog, I explained why leaders need to embody their ideals. In order to do this, they need to get to know themselves at a deeper level. Basically, there are three key emotions that live in the shadow, but that cannot be skipped if a leader wishes to own his shadow: anger, fear,…

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Getting to the Magic: Lessons from a Client


Let me tell you about one of my clients: Make Marketing Magic. From the very start, they did not feel the need to function as a static hierarchy. Their ideal is to create a human swarm: a birdlike unity based on a hierarchy that’s dynamic in nature. And although humans are much more complex than…

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The Ultimate Coaching Result: Part 3 – Results


Would you like to know how I create results? Well, I don’t do it by using my excessive will and applying it to, for example, marketing and sales. Of course I want clients, but being pushy is just not the way to go about it. Over the past ten years, I’ve committed myself to getting…

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The Ultimate Coaching Result – Part 2: Purpose


When I started out as an entrepreneur, I had plenty of knowledge and ideas. The only problem was: I didn’t fully embody them. I was able to convey my knowledge, but only to a chosen few. People heard what I said, but somehow, they didn’t feel it. What followed was a maturation process. Over the…

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The Ultimate Coaching Result – Part 1: Identity


Whenever clients approach me for coaching, they are aware of certain problems, challenges, obstacles, symptoms, and needs. All such matters can be dealt with simultaneously if two fundamental questions are answered. These questions help a person move – beyond who they think they are – into who they really are. In other words, the right…

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Outside of my comfort zone


Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone. These words stuck with me as I enrolled in an online business coaching program led by Bill Baren: a transformative ride that ended with ‘The Big Shift Experience,’ a three-day conference in California, USA. It was exactly what I needed, and it was most definitely outside…

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The Triangle of Leadership


One of the things I experienced in my own journey was scarcity as well as a fear of it. For a long time, I tried to fight it by striving towards abundance and moving away from scarcity. However, it did not yield the hoped-for results. When I realized that something needed to change, I gradually…

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Deep Paradigm Shift (3) – Ep. 4


You know how waves in the ocean are marked by an infinite rising and falling? It’s the most universal movement that characterizes creation. Once you’ve adopted the new paradigm, you will have gained a thorough understanding of change, and you’ll see that you’re like a wave, which is part of a larger entity. But how…

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Deep Paradigm Shift (2) | Ep. 3


The snake is a fascinating being. By the time it has made full use of its old skin, a new one starts to grow from the core of its being. Gradually, the new skin works its way towards the surface to ultimately push the old one away. It’s a natural process in which the snake’s…

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Deep Paradigm Shift (1) | Ep. 2


An old parable tells about a monk who takes a walk along the river. When he sees his master sit across the water, he yells, “Master, I would like to reach the other shore, too. How do I get there?” And the master says, “But you’re already there.” The tale gives rise to an interesting…

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