My coaching is rooted in the multidimensional space of human experience. How I approach transformation is largely the result of my personal experiences and the depth of my inner work. As a coach I am deeply part of the coaching experience. Which allows me to focus on the process that unfolds in and through our relationship. That’s how we, together as one, tap into your deepest potential.

It should be no surprise to you that the best results arise from the bond that is forged. Without trust, there is no surrender. And without surrender you can’t master the forces that you need for your fulfilment and success.

Is this what you are after?

You long to transform.
You long to show yourself.
You long to manifest your potential.
You long to make a mark upon the world.

You are on your way, and yet there is more to who you are and what you can accomplish.

Your dreams are mine. I can help you realise them. That's why I am here.

I am an expert at taking high-achievers more deeply into their world so that they can achieve greater levels of success.

Your biggest challenge as a high-performer is to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You can’t simply get there based on what you have done in the past. Doing more of what you’re doing is not going to take you to the next level.

You need to shift your paradigm. Your expertise is now holding you back. Your gifts have become pitfalls.

Your Challenges
I have identified seven major challenges that high-achievers experience:

1. Survival. A part of you is still trying to survive. It has gotten you far and plenty. However there is no more threat. Your are stuck in this role. If you want to thrive, you need to transform.

2. Independence. You have worked hard to distinguish yourself from others. You are even recognised for it. At the same time you long for connection. But you need others for that. Asking for help takes on new meaning. The key is to consciously depend.

3. Control. You don’t only like to be in control, but you are also good at it. You prefer to call it discipline. It’s something you are proud of. But it’s also in the way of your powers. Because you are way more powerful than any form of control can give you.

4. Commitment. You are committed to making things work. Nothing is going stop you. But your commitment is in conflict with what takes place. Something deeper is calling you. It’s your soul's purpose.

5. Perfectionism. Your high standards are part of your signature. You always strive for the best and highest form of expression. However life is an unfinished and imperfect journey. Imagine what happens when the two meet in the middle. 

6. Vision. You have a powerful vision. You see many possibilities. Sometimes you don’t know where to begin. The amount of choice can be overwhelming. How do you know which way to go? If you can ground your vision the next step will reveal itself.

7. Knowledge. You have gathered a lot of knowledge and learned a great number of things. However it’s not making all the difference you had hoped for. You want more wisdom and creativity in your work. What is it that you need to unlearn?

Does this sound like you?

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