Freedom Is… Three people on one scooter. How intrinsic safety enables freedom


Last summer, a long-cherished dream became a reality: spending more than five weeks in Thailand with my wife Hermelijn and our daughter Yasmine. Hermelijn and I asked ourselves the question: ‘Is it safe to go off the Thai beaten path with our four-year-old daughter?’ Our experience: safety comes from inside yourself. When safety is intrinsic, it will follow you everywhere; you attract what you radiate. This offers freedom. Such a great gift!

Fearing Unsafety

Planning our Thailand trip sparked many insecurities. Especially the ongoing list of Tropical diseases gave us the shivers. Can you justify embarking on such an adventure with a four-year-old? Is it a wise thing to do? Our search for answers brought us back to ourselves.

We all fear unsafety. We are afraid of illness and pain, of loss, attacks, accidents and death. We collectively suppress these feelings. But by doing so, we unconsciously create unsafety. It is like trying to keep a balloon underwater; it keeps popping up. That is why we have to recognise and acknowledge it. Creating space for our fear – and naming it – releases an internal energy which no longer has to manifest itself externally, either through small or large crises. Better said: when we own our fears, our confidence grows. This gives us the space and freedom to live our life to the fullest.

Embracing Unsafety

Therefore, we gave it a try. We embraced our fear in the comfort of our own home. We put it in the spotlight and gave it a face. We named and visualised everything and we did some muscle tests; Yasmine would become ill, we would lose her at a busy market, someone would kidnap her, she would get into an accident. By being honest about our fear and giving it a voice we took the unsafety from our subconscious mind and replaced it with a sense of intrinsic safety.

Complete Surrender

Does this mean nothing will happen to us? No, since you can never be 100% sure. But a sense of intrinsic safety means we take that energy with us. It decreases our chance of attracting disaster and justifies our choices. I could confidently take Yasmine to Thailand, but I could have never taken her to the African wilderness. This knowledge is not based on fear but on trust; a feeling that things do not add up. Thus, intrinsic safety also protects you from making the wrong choices.

We faced our adventure with confidence and trust. We felt safe and free as a bird. Driving on dirt roads – with Yasmine on the front and Hermelijn on the back of a scooter – wildlife encounters either on land or in water, and tasting unknown food, felt like an intensely happy experience. A trip that I would not have wanted to miss for the world and which shaped me as a human being.

The world is meant to be free in and you can only be free if you feel intrinsically safe.