The Alchemy of Manifestation

The Alchemy of Manifestation

Embody Your Movement’s Identity
Do you know your ‘big who’? Knowing who you are, including your limitations and imperfections, is only the beginning. Your movement needs an aligned leader. The key is to do the deep inner work required and bring healing to that which determines your current paradigm. You have to move yourself before you can move the people around you. In other words you need to go through a cycle of transformation, before you can invite others to do the same. Only transformation can align head, heart and belly and unlock your movement’s deeper potential. Then you can create a safe and secure space for participants to connect and support each other. A deep sense of place is something people enjoy returning to.

Discover your Movement’s Purpose
What is your ‘big why’? Knowing why you do what you is a must for any leader. However being able to (energetically) transmit your why to others is even more important. Having a vision and simply sharing it is not enough. You need to awaken to your deepest reason for building a movement. It’s often rooted in a deeply personal experience that you have gone through. It’s your inciting incident. What caused you to wake up? Your story communicates a shared struggle or pain that your participants can consciously relate to. Your sense of purpose is a deep inspiration to others and mobilises them to be impactful.

Manifest your Movement’s Purpose
How do you do it? Your self-manifestation is the ‘big how’ to the success of your movement. It’s how you show up in relationship. The level of intimacy that you can allow determines the strength and depth of the bond. You understand that any form of management becomes obsolete when it replaced with deep and lasting bonds. There is no deeper freedom than to be free in relationship to other people. If you can facilitate this level of engagement, then your movement becomes an unstoppable force. The manifestation of the movement, and the impact of it’s products and services, arrives with the forging of the right relationship. It’s a place where freedom, trust and love rule.

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