The True Manifestation of Myself

The call for a new office

How do you know when it’s time to take the next step? More importantly, how do you know when you’re ready?

For a while, it had been my intent to find a new space. I had developed personally and professionally, and was keen to attract a place to represent who I am today and furthermore, who I wanted to become. I had outgrown my office and felt ready to move on, but I did not know where. So I gave it time, and soon enough a new space presented itself to me via a social connection. This is where it all began.

To the mainland

Something had been missing from myself. The office I had outgrown was situated on a man-made island. I felt a degree of separation from society, from humanity. I realise now that I needed that time in isolation so that I could come home to myself. It was just when I achieved that sense of belonging that the walls came down, and once again I felt alienated from the familiar, from the comforts of my existing environment.

I always wanted to fully participate, to go the entire length of what it means to be human. This shift in consciousness led me to a space that has been thriving with human activity since the sixteenth century—true then as it is now: an entrepreneurial village. With Ralph Lauren as my new neighbour, it fits rather nicely: he dresses people on the outside, whereas I dress people on the inside.

Leap of faith

This is also the moment when material things became important to me. I wasn’t just looking for practicality—I was looking for a space in which I could see myself: a reflection of ‘my total self’ now and in the future. It was about striking a balance between the material and the immaterial.

A part of my strategy was timing. It’s in our nature to act only when it feels right—not before, nor after. We won’t change unless we want change, and the moment we jump is the moment we realise we have wings. The day after I signed up for my new office, I received three completely new opportunities, and at that moment, in between the tension and excitement of moving, I knew I had discovered my wings.

Filling the gap

After all, if I was to sell premium, I should invest premium. I made a commitment. I signed a contract. I had to be patient, to trust that my flight would pay off and that my inner vision would materialise once I had entered the new space. I took the premium investment in myself to fast track that process.
My relocation was a transaction: a journey towards living my design wholeheartedly. Lured by the promise of fulfilment, which would challenge me out from my comfort zone to my integration into the beating heart of society.

The true manifestation of myself.