Warrior of Light

Something has been missing. Until recently. The extravert, the outgoing type, the sociable and unreserved person, or the warrior if you like. He has been on a long journey.

I have been running my business as if it was a monastery. I paid great attention to detail. I made sure everything was done and everyone was served. Always in time and no loose ends. It was this type of peaceful monastic routine that kept it all going.

But I was locked up inside this way of doing things. Most clients found my ‘monastery’ through word of mouth. I was reluctant when it came to visibility and expressing myself. I was attached to the safety and comfort of this pattern. I knew sooner or later this identity had to die.

The irony is that I mostly work with leaders who run their business as if the world is a battlefield. I help them unlearn their survival strategies, so they can create a more balanced organisation that is based on safety and trust. I guess the mirror never lies.

The warrior is exposed. Gets hurt and rejected. Or simply dies. Honestly I have been afraid to end up in combat again. I have been afraid of betrayal and walking a path that was not my own. I have been afraid of ending up in exile and loosing faith.

I am here to fully express myself. No matter what how deep the karmic wound. Which means I needed to go deep to retrieve and integrate the warrior. Not to mention the warlord.

What happens when the monk and the warrior merge as one? You get a warrior of light who is open-hearted, grounded and truthful. The pain has been my driving force. And it’s how the light entered. Such a gift.