Organisational dynamics often involve symptoms, blocks and shadow energies that are inhibiting a system to consciously move forward. By focussing on the hidden internal dynamics of a business, and not just on the external mechanisms, Ralph teaches how leaders can uncover and transform these blocks. Subsequently the energy will be released and the business will begin to flow toward the envisioned direction and the desired goals.

Most businesses focus on research, development and planning to reach their goals, but never look at the energy flow of a system. If an organisation learned to see and master energy, they would release unseen blocks that keep them from evolving and expanding naturally. Every symptom or block is an opportunity for transformation through which untapped potential is unleashed and eventually actualised.

Ralph has the natural ability to align leaders and their businesses to their core values and to help them express it. He has seen how leaders unleash the collective intelligence and bring about magical results. For him it’s not just about building a business, but about starting a movement. A business can transform into a place where people truly belong, discover their common purpose and bring forth their unique gifts.